The   SR2000,   with   the   industry-first  VitalCheckTM   technology   onboard,

         transforms   inspection   from  a  time-consuming  process into a  quick,  easy,

         and reliable  task. Or  easier  still,  use VitalScanTM  to extract  inspection data

         from  an entire cache  in just minutes. At its core, the SR2000 generates up to

         100   minutes  of  breathable  oxygen  when you need it most with proven and

         reliable  technology.   Choose  the  SR2000  for  emergency  oxygen  delivery

                                                                    in   applications  such  as,  mining/tunneling,  industrial   plants,   underground

                                                                    utilities, government buildings, or even panic rooms.


                SR2000 User Guide.pdf                                                                   User Instruction.pdf                                                                    Training Guide.pdf

                VitalCheck EMS Brochure.pdf                                                         SR2000_tech_specs.pdf                                                           SR2000 Visual Ordering Guide.pdf                                                         

                Breathing Apparatus Ordering Guide.pdf                                     FYI - Don't Get Stuck with the Wrong Pouch.pdf                     Warranty - SR2000.pdf                                                             

                PDS - SR2000.pdf



        Commonly called an Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) or a Self-

        Contained  Self-Rescuer (SCSR), the SRLD is the smallest and lightest one-

        hour belt wearable SCSR  available  today.  The SRLD  is  not  a  traditional

        oxygen  tank - it utilizes technology  used by space agencies   to chemically

        generate oxygen  while also removing carbon dioxide from a   user’s breath.

        It  is  designed  to  be carried  every  day  or s tored away for up to 10 years

                                                                   without   maintenance.   The  SRLD   can  be  used in  applications such  as,

                                                                   mining  /  tunneling,   industrial  plants,   underground  utilities,    government

                                                                   buildings, or even panic rooms.


              SRLD Inspection Manual.pdf                                                          SRLD User Instruction.pdf                                                         SRLD Training manual.pdf

              SRLD Welcome Manual.pdf                                                            SRLD Technical Brochure.pdf                                                   Breathing Apparatus Ordering Guide.pdf  

              FYI - SRLD Temperature Indicators.pdf                                         FYI - SRLD Donning Training Information.pdf                       FYI - Don't Get Stuck with the Wrong Pouch.pdf 

              PDS - SRLD.pdf


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